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What do you think of the advice that ALKA gives you to meet your needs?

Alka always advises us according to the activity of our company and its organization without having the feeling that it absolutely wants to sell its solutions at any price.

How satisfied are you with the services and products that ALKA offers you on a daily basis?

Insofar as 100% of IT management is outsourced, it is the quality of service that we are essentially looking for, and the speed of intervention in case of concern. ALKA responds perfectly to these needs.

How about the attitude and professionalism of the ALKA team members with whom you are in contact?

The partnership ALKA - DUO CATERING exists since the constitution of the latter in 2008, and our companies have evolved in parallel, with a great stability of the personnel ALKA with whom we have contact.

The attitude of the staff with all of our teams has always been very cordial, very frank, with the willingness of ALKA to provide the right service, in a short time, if not immediate. Their professionalism allows ALKA to implement solutions and solve potential problems quickly and successfully.

What do you think of the response speed of the ALKA staff when you have a need?

Tracking our calls to our contact person is always done quickly. If it is not immediately available, this person will always call back within a few minutes, or the possibility is offered to contact ALKA headquarters immediately in case of emergency.

Moreover, our sites being scattered in Wallonia and Brussels, the distance has never been a brake or posed any problem in the context of the delivery of ALKA.

When you come to see ALKA with a defined budget, how does ALKA respond to your request?

The different solutions are considered and discussed according to our needs and the different levels of budgets, and the decision is taken with regard to what is necessary for DUO CATERING.

The feeling of 'fair price' proposed by ALKA returns DUO CATERING to its own choices.

What was your biggest concern when calling for our services? Did they come true?

That ALKA can not follow DUO CATERING in the evolution of its IT needs, in terms of proposed solutions and service.

After 10 years of development, this concern has not yet been realized.

If you were to recommend to a loved one, what would you say to him?

That ALKA is an ideal partner for the proposal of solution and service in the SME community.

What was your main concern that prompted you to use our services? What results did you get?

Not having to worry about IT aspects in the company in order to concentrate on the management of my core business, and to subcontract accordingly 100% of the management of our computer park (a server and thirty machines) to a trusted partner.

The answer provided by ALKA for more than 10 years responds perfectly to this concern.