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What do you think of the Software that ALKA has designed for you ?

Great ! It meets our expectations, it's really tailor made.

They have very well targeted an area that they did not know at the beginning of the project, which is not at all obvious.

IT and event catering are not really similar areas but they did, they put themselves in the shoes of the various stakeholders :

  • From a chef
  • From a storekeeper
  • From a butler
  • From a commercial
  • From a company manager
  • Etc...

What do you think of the response speed of the ALKA staff when you have a need?

Very well

When you come to see ALKA with a defined budget, how does ALKA respond to your request?

ALKA always tries to find the formula that comes closest to our budget.

If they do not succeed, they will say so and we will try to find the best solution together.

ALKA will not want to sell Something that would only work half-way for a budget issue.

If you were to recommend to a loved one, what would you say to him?

That the company ALKA is :

  • Professional
  • Honest
  • Listening to the customer
  • And above all is a human dimension