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What do you think of the advice that ALKA gives you to meet your needs?

They are valuable because they listen to the customer and follow the perpetual innovations in the complex IT field.

How satisfied are you with the services and products that ALKA offers you on a daily basis?


How about the attitude and professionalism of the ALKA team members with whom you are in contact?

They are very responsive and try as much as possible to adopt a language that is understandable for everyone.

What do you think of the response speed of the ALKA staff when you have a need?

Very good

When you come to see ALKA with a defined budget, how does ALKA respond to your request?

I think the best possible for us, the important positions being the computer park, the server, back up, maintenance.

What was your biggest concern when calling for our services? Did they come true?

Responsiveness and availability, they are respected.

If you were to recommend to a loved one, what would you say to him?

That they are a serious company.

What was your main concern that prompted you to use our services? What results did you get?

As said above, as well as the security of our system that until now gives us complete satisfaction.