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Online backup

The best online backup solution in Belgium (GDPR Compliant)

The importance of a reliable backup is too often underestimated. A loss of data represents a colossal loss of money for a professional structure.

With the increase in ransomware, an online backup remains the most secure solution. In addition, our solution meets the standards required by the European GDPR regulation.

You determine the amount of storage you need and pay a fixed amount every month, no surprise. You no longer need to invest in specific backup equipment such as servers, hard drives, tapes or NAS.

The most efficient solution for backing up your data Fully automated, your data is backed up several times a day depending on its relevance and you always have the most recent version of your files.

The most reliable solution to restore your data A state-of-the-art system for eventual recovery.

The most secure solution to outsource your data Confidentiality of your data is ensured by several levels of encryption. In addition, your information is duplicated in two Datacenters located in Belgium.

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