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Customized application

A software solution that is true to your identity based on your business model.

We create your custom software

  •  by respecting your criteria
  •  by our team in Belgium
  •  with a controlled cost

 We are approved for company cheques.

Our development team will develop your applications according to your real needs. We will carry out a detailed analysis based on the clear expression of your requirements translated into a specification. Controlling development costs is also a very important point because a poorly controlled IT project can generate astronomical costs for your company. Our team trained in market analysis standards will be able to evaluate as accurately as possible the cost of an application created for your needs.

Our team based in Belgium is accessible and will guarantee you a professional result.

Within the framework of our various missions, we have already carried out:

  •  A commercial and personnel management software for the catering sector.
  •  A commercial management software and planning for the corporate cleaning sector.
  •  A banking CODA sorting software for a trust company.
  •  A complete CRM dedicated to the travel world and present in more than 220 agencies in Belgium.
  •  Occasional missions to provide statistics to corporate decision-makers.
  •  Interventions on third-party databases.
  •  Audit and maintenance of applications created by other teams.
  •  Various extensions for Joomla!

Contact us

For requests for offers or special questions you can contact us via the form below.