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Why it is important to be in order of software licenses

Using software without a license is illegal and in case of control of the concerned instances it can be very expensive.

Most of us have already used software installed on a computer at home or at work. But did you know that each of these programs requires the approval of general terms and conditions of use and for many people the purchase of a user license necessary to be legal? Most of these licenses are subject to a fee and it is sometimes complex to determine all the licenses you need to have on your computer equipment.

We can say to ourselves: "Oh! It works well like that, why pay for a license I don't need?" Well, maybe you don't know it, but it's quite possible that you are controlled by the publisher of the software in question or by the BSA (Business Software Alliance) which is the body that regulates all these people.

In the event of non-compliance with this legislation, these inspectors have the right to demand payment for the missing licences and in some cases impose a fine on you for each of them.

Some companies have had to close their doors as a result of these turnarounds. There's no way to cut it.

It is not only the financial side that can be damaging but also the reputation aspect. Companies that have been negatively controlled are referenced on the net and it is never profitable to be publicly recognized as a fraudster.

The larger your company is, the more complex the licensing system becomes and the more complicated the communication between departments such as HR, IT, accounting and management will be.

This is where a specialized company can, through an audit, make the link between all these actors and help you to optimize your catalogue. This will not only ensure legal compliance but also sometimes reduce costs by choosing the best IT solutions.

So if you ever receive a letter asking you to provide your software information, don't take it lightly, don't fill it out yourself. Call an IT specialist.

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