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RansomWare, protect your data!

A simple daily operation can turn into a nightmare on an email that you thought was coming from a provider.

Most of the time you receive an email message with an attachment referring to an invoice from a credible supplier. This attachment in zip, PDF or other format, once opened, changes your wallpaper. The virus places links on your desktop informing you that your files are encrypted and inaccessible. It invites you to click on the links displayed to retrieve them.

This is of course a scam, and most of the time, it is by clicking on this link that you activate the virus.

The most well-known case in Belgium is a mailing that seems to be sent by the UCM.

What are the damages?

They are important, all your files are erased and replaced by encrypted files with an extension that takes the name of the virus or other.

The amount the ransom will vary between several hundred or several thousand euro where Bitcoin, You should know that even when paying, you will have no guarantee to recover your documents.

If your computer park is poorly secured , this virus can then spread to your entire network, until you reach your servers or your network drives.

And if unfortunately it is launched from one of your servers, it can make it useless sand and worse, if you have a backup system that is locally installed on your server, the virus will go as far as altering your backups.

How to protect yourself at best?

At a time when all documents are in digital format, you can not afford to lose your documents, your accounting , your bills, ...

It's like a gigantic fire destroying your documents, those of your accountant as well as those of your suppliers and customers.

The best system whatever the tile that can happen to you, it is a good backup.

A loss of data can represent a financial loss without any equivalent and it is more than vital to have a system of backup adapted to your site.

The same backup solution will not be suitable for all fleets and it is therefore essential to correctly analyze the quantity and type of data to be saved to select the best solution to apply. / p>

ALKA can help you with this task and bring you your ideal backup solution. and whatever happens!

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