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Node offers an environment that is placed on the server side and allows the use of JavaScript to generate your application.

It is oriented towards network applications that require a significant load. Its model, non blocking, allows to gain in performance. It is perfectly suited for web service development in REST and is widely used in large companies such as Amazon, SAP, Microsoft, PayPal, etc.

Web service?

It is a program that allows communication and information exchange between heterogeneous systems.

Imagine that you are a producer of green energy for businesses and install solar panels on your customers' roofs. You have a database that contains all your customers. They would like to receive their production to post it on their website and demonstrate that they have a green policy. A Web service will allow you to communicate with your customers' websites in a secure way.

Working with Node.JS and REST ensures performance in data exchange and keeps the philosophy of HTML protocol.

Our experience

For our client Avitour, we have created a CRM for travel agencies that represents several hundred agencies and more than a hundred thousand customer addresses.

The system is coupled at different levels as with several partners but also the websites of travel agencies. To facilitate the exchange of information and ensure performance, we work in Node.JS with RESTful standards. Thanks to these technologies, we are able to ensure large information exchanges without any significant slowdown.

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