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3# The importance of customer care

Reinforce your information around a central pillar that will increase your productivity: CRM.


The previous articles have been devoted to VOIP and the web service that can be coupled to it. In this article, we will talk to you about a tool that can save you a lot of time if you feed it well, the CRM.

First of all, what is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? It is a process that allows you to optimize the relationship between your company and its customers or prospects.

A well-maintained CRM tool or application can become an important pillar of your company. This software will contain the sum of all the knowledge of your sales department.

A CRM must contain all your customers or prospects, all their requests, all their history, the slightest appointment must be indicated. In this way, the information is available for your entire company, it does not remain on an isolated laptop or in the head of one of your staff members.

At any given time, your various services must have an overview of your customers, allowing you to cross-sell them. This data also allows you to increase customer satisfaction because you always have an eye on the account. A satisfied customer is often loyal. A CRM can limit customer leakage to your competitors.

In addition to the fact that it allows you to collect a lot of data, it offers you the opportunity to have your teams use its data through understandable reports. When used properly, a CRM provides results on your sales and customer relations.

Alka supports you in the implementation or creation of your CRM tool.

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