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2# The importance of customer care

Link your VOIP address book with another data source through a web service : an added value for your operation.

VOIP - web service

In our previous article, we talked about VOIP and the address book. We will continue in the same vein. Depending on your IP telephony provider, you can access what is called a web service and get important information for your structure.

What's the point? Centralization of data.

Imagine that you have a backoffice-type application to manage your customers, orders, invoices,... One of the possibilities is that each time you open a file for one of your customers, the history of incoming and outgoing calls concerning them appears. It would therefore be possible via a postponement to remove all customers who have not been contacted for X days by the sales department. Or if you invoice for the time spent on the phone, you can obtain exact data in order to automatically or not establish your invoice.

Thanks to the web service and VOIP, your IT team can install software on your PC and make calls directly with your favorite headset. In the customer master record, you would just have to click on the call button of your main application.

Another possibility would be to update the address book in real time from your main application. As soon as the sales representative or file manager adds a customer, the customer would be available in the address book of all your employees or for a group of users.

Via your VOIP's web service, you can also quickly obtain information on your consumption. The number and time spent on local or international calls, the volume consumed or a projection of the invoice you will receive from your VOIP provider.

As you have understood, a web service coupled with your VOIP system will provide you with efficient tools to better communicate with your customers.

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