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1# The importance of customer care

Effective, clear and structured communication with your customers thanks to VOIP.

We are more and more demanding and yet customer care remains the poor child of our core business. It must be said that pampering your customers takes a lot of time and the benefits are difficult to measure.

However, there are very simple and inexpensive ways to improve customer satisfaction. We all want to be unique and feel like we are an important person to others.

VOIP - the address book

Some time ago, we were contacted by a company that wanted to use VOIP. The manager of the company had just taken a call transferred by his staff and had been heard from the beginning of the conversation: "I have been a customer with you for 5 years and you are still unable to remember my name? Difficult as an introduction to the material, especially to sell a service or product after that.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to avoid this kind of inconvenience. A database.

If you have VOIP and you are with a quality service provider, they can set up an address book for each individual station or centrally.

When the receptionist receives the call, the customer's name will be displayed on his extension. His first interjection will be "Hello Mr. Brunault, what can I do for you? ยป

Hearing your first or last name has something magical. Even if the call was basically a criticism, hearing your name gives the impression that people are listening to you and that you are important.

Alka supports you in the implementation of your VOIP system.

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