Manage, share and customize

Centralize the management of your events on your website .
Present them as you see fit, in calendar or in timeline view.             
Organize your events over several days or create personalized options for your visitors.


Organize your events over one day or organize a real conference over several days. Thanks to the several customizations, you can define the event as you wish with or without reservations, free or paid, public or private, and many other options.           

Event's template

The event templates allow you to define a canvas in order to ensure that the presentation is always identical with a layout made with a pinch.
Your employees will no longer have the risk of producing an unfortunate layout.
Create as many event templates as you want to meet your different needs.

Electronic tickets

Automate the generation of your entry tickets with QR code. Add additional documents such as certificates.
Everything is automatic thanks to the configurable notification system. Check the entries via your attendance lists.

Flexible options

Create as many activities as you want on a single event or on sub-events.
Add options on activities or events by participants or groups of participants.

Editable invoice

Personalize your invoices according to your aesthetic and legal criteria.
Integrate an invoice number according to your accounting.
Supplant the generation of the invoice in order to modify the granularity of the desired details.

Easy to use

« I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use despite the many possibilities for creating events. »

Barry Boisvert


Other features


You can classify your events according to their categories and add a color to them so that your participants have better visibility.


Many events? Choose the calendar view. Otherwise our online time view will always be the right choice.

Many options

Personalize your events by setting the maximum number of seats available, reservation deadline, apply a value for no show on your free events and much more.

Pricing by group

You can develop a pricing strategy according to your user groups or on the contrary define a single pricing for all your visitors.


The component is 100% responsive, you won't lose your visitors on your smartphone.


You want to translate the component or adjust an already existing translation, nothing easier, everything is done from the administrator interface.


You have a development team, the component offers an API so you can integrate it into your work.

Support for custom fields

The component is compatible with the custom fields of Joomla !, you can add as many attributes as you want on the registration of your visitors.

Automatic notification

The system takes care of the reservation, confirmation, payment and cancellation message for you. Add additional documents adapted to your needs.

Attendance list generation

For organizational or legal justification purposes, you can produce an attendance list to collect the signatures of your participants.

One plan, no limits

Download AlkaCalendar and start organizing now!