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Be the cat, not the mouse


Be the cat, not the mouse

Open Web Analytics (OWA) is open source web analysis software under the GPL license that provides you with monitoring and analysis of the usage of visitors to your websites and applications.

Mouse syndrome


Mouse syndrome

We spend more and more time on our PCs, whether at work or at home. As a result, excessive mouse manipulation leads to mouse syndrome.

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Duo Catering

Ludovic Maisin Administrateur délégué

"Alka always advises us according to the activity of our company and its organization without having the feeling that it absolutely wants to sell its solutions at any price."

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Expert Travel

Gregory Bastien Conseillier voyages

"They are valuable because they listen to the customer and follow the perpetual innovations in the complex IT field.""

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Huitriere Eole

Danielle Todosijevic Directrice

"The software Alka has designed for us meets our expectations, it's really tailor made. They focused very well on an activity sector they did not know at the beginning of the project, which is not obvious at all."